Our Company

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  Entuco Service Ltd. is a service company with a flexible organization offering a wide range
of service. With respect to the large demand for good labour in the oil and gas industry we
established a new company. As this market requires a special knowledge and experience
we searched for the right combination and efficiency for the customer. (Complete package!)

Entuco Service Ltd. are specialised in rotating equipment for the oil and gas, refining and
petrochemical marketplaces consisting of knowledge and experience with respect to generators, compressors and boiler feed pumps.

                  The backbone of our organisation consist of a team highly skilled professionals:
                      field service engineers, mechanics, welders, pipe fitters and system engineers
                          who are used to work under all kind of conditions. Our personnel is in the
                             possession of VCA, welding and offshore certificates in order to work on all
                               locations: refineries, power stations, FPSO's and FPU offshore platforms.
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