kanister AR 200
High Power
AR 200

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  Alkaline Cleaner

- pH-Wert 10–12
- till 1 : 200 dilute
- most extreme cleaning strength at highest skin and material care
- with specific depth effect

• for: stables, motor vehicles, machinery tools, industry, workshop, remove oil from concrete

• Areas of Application are: Fat, oil, egg white, yellowness, soot, coal, ink, nicotine, soap, wax,
  resin, diesel, bio-fuel, rapeseed oil, bitumen, tar, food remains, complete car cleaning inside
  and outside, engine cold wash complete to 40°, insect dirt, truck tarpaulins, rims, machine
  wash, complete budget and kitchen (of the exhauster hood up to the carpet), grill, oven, floor
  tiles (detailed stoneware), sensitive hewn stone, window frames, windowpanes - glass
  cleaning (1 : 100), cushions, furniture, textiles, carpets, smoke resin, solves in part also old
  sealing (and also deposition). Not on linoleum.

• With the farmer deposits milking installation/milking parlor.

• Everything what takes water, exception takes the AR 200.

• AR 200 can deal next to the manual cleaning also in high
  pressure cleaners, cleaning machines, partial washing
  machines or in the diving-bath be used.

• Also in the 1000 liters of containers available!
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